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The Anacardier Trees

Les anacardiers 1

Stories of Cashew ...
We visited yesterday afternoon with Thedré the SPESS farm,  (4 acres) where were planted 300 anacardier trees. Anacardier trees eventually produce the famous cashew nuts.
Advantage of this crop: relatively low production cost, it grows by itself, and we can do other crops between trees, waiting for the 5 years needed for the first flowering ...
Disadvantage: Big initial work to clean and prepare the ground before planting, and we must weed every year and replace the dead plants or ones trampled by the oxen.
We have seen that some of the first trees planted 2 years ago had grown well and could yield fruit as early as next year! Caution, however, we must protect the plot against forest fires, and continue planting on the last acre ...


The Bean Harvest

The harvest of beans is in full swing in Sagbadai on the SPESS farm. The record of last year (700 kilos) will surely be beaten if we believe the images. Thanks to Tchédré and the women of the village for their efforts ...

Recolte haricot3 Recolte haricot Recolte haricot2


Traditionnel Farmimg

We will continue to do traditional farming but in smaller proportions. We will now use 6500 square meters instead of 10000. The terrain is not very good and it takes a lot of effort for a very average performance. But it animates the little village because we hire a team of 10 people for several days for planting and later another team for the harvest. We will grow maze, mils, rice and beans. We can use only one rotation each year the field for 9 months hence will be left to rest because the soil is so poor.



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Education au Togo


  • I become a member of the association
  • I pay £20 for the year
  • I receive a members card
  • I receive a tax deduction form


Cheque to be sent to:


c/o Nigel Page-Jones

62 Rue du Port

29250 St Pol de Leon

Our farming ambitions

The experience gained after the first years of operation of our farm Sagbadaï allow us to confirm the five orientations:
         - Poultry Breeding and Egg Production
         - Fruit trees
         - Trees for oil oil (palm trees)
         - Traditional crops
         - Vegetable crops
The next priority is to organize the operation of the farm to arrive at complete autonomy, allowing to generate sufficient revenues to pay 3 permanent people living on the farm, through the sale of part of the production (the other part being reserved for humane consumption and food for livestock).

Nos objectifs SPESS


The SPESS was founded in 2008 in Brittany as a non profit making association to support the disadvantaged and the poor in Togo.
The original idea was to develop a farm and traditional cultures in the small village of Sagbadaï, located 300 kilometers north of the capital Lome in the province of Sokode.

We then focused more on the questions of education and health. In 2012 we started the project of building a solid school building (for primary classes) in order to allow children to be educated in decent conditions. In 2014, we built the college buildings to enable a better continuity between primary and secondary education as many primary-schooled children drop out due to a lack of facilities and finance.

Health is also a main priority and it is imperative to improve the existing local infrastructure to allow access to care for the poor. One of our main projects is to renovate the old and dilapidated dispensary in Sagabadaï. They have no running water, no electricity and no real equipment.