Primary School of Sagbadai

1st Dec 2020 primary school sagbadai

We are not with you at the end of the year, but as promised, we will be working in 2021 on the exterior renovation of the 2 main buildings of your school.
Thank you and congratulations to the teachers of the Sagbadaï primary school for your efforts for your 350 students. You know better tha…

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Lybama Highschool

1st Dec 2020 school sokodé highschool

Flash from Facebook

Lybama High School
This high school is located in a district north of Sokodé, near the Akamadé dispensary, and 2 kilometers from Bou…

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A little bit of geography

1st Dec 2020 sagbadai sokodé

A little local geography ...
Some of you have asked for some geographical clarification on our area of intervention, between Sokodé where we are staying and the village of Sagbadaï, where we are carrying out a large part of our projects.
Herewith therefore 3 extracts from Googl…

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