The Anacardier Trees

6th Dec 2018 farm

Stories of Cashew ...
We visited yesterday afternoon with Thedré the SPESS farm, (4 acres) where were planted 300 anacardier trees. Anacardier trees eventually produce the famous cashew nuts.
Advantage of this crop: relatively low production cost, it grows by itself, and we ca…

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The Bean Harvest

4th Nov 2017 farm cereal

The harvest of beans is in full swing in Sagbadai on the SPESS farm. The record of last year (700 kilos) will surely be beaten if we believe the images. Thanks to Tchédré and the women of the village for their efforts ...

The New Farm of the anacardier trees

20th Nov 2016 cereal fruit

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The new farm

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A new farm

10th Apr 2015 farm

We initialized the actions of the Association in 2008 with the creation of an agro-pastoral farm. This farm is now independent and we thought it would be interesting to continue the experiment, on slightly different grounds. We are about to formalize the acquisition of a small farm (4 acres) in a…

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