The children's football teams at Sagbadai.

10th Mar 2023 secondary football

"The children's football teams at Sagbadai. You can notice that it is still very difficult to have any grass!!!"

Women's Association

9th Dec 2022 children

We have mentioned before the notion of an association for the women of the village. The Women's association was created a few years ago for various reasons. To give certain responsabilities to the female side, to ask them to be creative and to also aid the young population. They have tried variou…

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Inauguration of the Primary School Naworo

9th Dec 2022 children school

It was the day that Naworo had been waiting for, the inauguration of their new school. Teachers, parents and children were all present for this great occasion. Let us hope that we, the spess, can repeat this project in many other villages around Sokodé. Once again thank you the donateurs to make …

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Primary School at Naworo is finished

5th Dec 2022 children school

Naworo Primary School, finishes completed...
We were eagerly awaiting the final photos of the Naworo Primary School building, after the plastering and painting had been completed.
This 3-class building was finished 2 years ago, but health and economic constraints and travel restrictio…

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New Books for Sagbadai from Peace Corps

25th Nov 2022 children school

We are delighted to see that organisations that have been present in Togo in the past have not forgotten Sagbadai. One of the past members of Peace Corps, who are a large organisation from The United States and were present in Sagbadai until Covid appeared, has sent many books to populate the lib…

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