Primary school St Joseph in Morlaix

14th May 2015 france

Our association has been a great interest in the schools, I had the pleasure of visiting for the first time the St. Joseph primary school in Morlaix and was able to explain our work to a large audience. These actions in schools are always extremely interesting and motivating for our association. …

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Thank you to the school of St Agnes at Sibiril

8th May 2015 france

A very big thank you to the school of St Agnes at Sibiril for their donation. It is now many years that we are warmly received by the teachers and the children, who are always very enthusiatic and interested in our association.


School St Thérèse, Plougoulm

12th Apr 2015 france donator

It is always a great pleasure for me to go to the school St Thérèse at Plougoulm. The warm welcome from the teachers and children is very gratifying. Through the years we have built up a very good relationship and the interest is even greater now that we work more with the schools and health prob…

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