Secondary school of Bouzalo

22nd Nov 2016 secondary school bouzalo

Monday 21 D + 7: Textbooks for the school of Bouzalo ...
Although our SPESS association works mainly with the village of Sagbadaï, we have decided to expand our field of action and allocate a budget for actions on the surrounding region thus we renovated the roof of the small primary school of Tchakpaladé located on the outskirts of Sokodé.
For 2016, we have doubled this regional budget. It is in this context that we visited the small college of Bouzalo, a neighbouring village: 4 classes under straw huts (see photos), its young director and its 3 teachers depend on the solidarity of the parents of pupils (the state does not finance the secondary schools), which is very limited and so they have not a single textbook!

Affair to follow.

collee bouzalou 1 college bouzalou

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