Back to school in Sagbadai

21st Jun 2021 school primary highschool

It's also back to school in Sagbadaï!
Obviously, everyone went back at the beginning of last week.
The little ones, even a little tired after their tiring daily journey to get to the building, are happy to return to the kindergarten for the third year of the new building, inaugurated with great fanfare in 2019 during our last stay.
For the older ones, it's already the eighth year of the new college, inaugurated in 2014. Several hundred Sagbadaï college students will not have had to experience the impossible days of school under the straw huts (and in the rain during the bad season!).
This is an opportunity to remember that it was thanks to Lowry from PeaceCorp and President Taïrou from Spess Togo that the project for a new college in Sagbadaï saw the light of day!
College Sagbadai
Maternelle Sagbadai

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