The students take possession of their new buildings.

27th Sep 2023 education

Tairou and Vincent went and visited the new buildings at the High School in Sokodé and the primary school in Naworo to see how the new school year started.



Lybama High School new building opening.

23rd Sep 2023 education

The construction of Lybama High School is now finished and the inauguration was held yesterday. Many of the local dignitaries were present. The Spess was represented by our President Tairou, our consultant Vincent and our treasurer Tchedre. A speech was given by the chief of the region, who thank…

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Lybama High School progressing well.

27th Aug 2023 education

The construction of Lybama High School is progressing well and should be ready for the new school year at the end of September. Our thanks go to our team SPESS Togo who manage the project with enthusiasm.

The work for the Highschool in Sokodé

22nd Jul 2023 education

As you know, last year we built a three-classroom building at Lybama High School. This year we are continuing this great project by planning the construction of another building also with three classes. The photo allows you to see the work being done, which we are pleased with. No doubt it will b…

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Project for the High School in Sokodé

1st Jun 2023 education

We have decided to continue rebuilding Lybama High School in Sokodé. In 2022 we built a new building to replace the baits. In 2023 we will build another building to replace an old building destroyed by a storm. It is a two-class building. You will find the information with the attached files.

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