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The roof for Naworo

Naworo primaire Naworo primaire 1

The roof of the new primary school at Naworo is advancing well.


Primary School Naworo et Electricity for the Community Center

Naworo Primaire  Naworo Primaire 1

Ecole primaire Naworo Electricité Centre Communautaire Sagbadai

Our main project this year, Naworo Primary School, is progressing well, as you can see. The goal is for the building to be operational for the start of the September school year. The other good news is the connection of the community center to electricity. Of course, the villagers due to their poverty will not have access to it, but it will allow us to develop a whole program of activities at the center and of course also in the evening.


Primary School of Sagbadai

We are not with you at the end of the year, but as promised, we will be working in 2021 on the exterior renovation of the 2 main buildings ... Sagbadaï Primary School ...
Thank you and congratulations to the teachers of the Sagbadaï primary school for your efforts for your 350 students. You know better than anyone that education is the basis of human development!

Primaire Sagbadai 1
Primaire Sagbadai 2 Primaire Sagbdai 3

Primary school in Naworo

 Primaire Naworo briquesPrimaire Naworo briques2

Nouveau primaire Naworo

Naworo, a village at the end of the world ...
Imagine a village of a few hundred inhabitants, at the end of a barely passable road, which can be reached after an hour by car! We are only a dozen kilometers on the other side of Sokodé, but no one has ever come to build a school there.
We were convinced by the kindness and the determination of the villagers: the project is launched with the 2020 objective of building the structure and the roof of the future primary school with 3 classes, which will replace the 2 existing huts in the next school year. The brick making is almost finished, before the rainy season which will prevent the passage of trucks on the track!
Thank you to Taïrou and Vincent for making us discover this village in the middle of nowhere ...


A Typical Infants School

Ecole de Peuls

A primary school in Togo ...
We have just received from Taïrou a call for help and some photos of a school in the area: the pictures speak for themselves, roof of straw, some miserable benches for students, no material for volunteer teachers.
We will visit this school as soon as we arrive in November, for action: all Togolese students have the right to a free primary education!


Kindergarten at Sagbadaï

jardin des enfants plan jardin des enfants

Sagbadaï kindergarten ...
The sooner the children join the school, the better the school term.of 
After major work for the primary school (new building and new roofs), and the construction of the new college, SPESS tackles the construction of a building of 2 classes to house the kindergarten Sagbadai.
Thanks to Vincent for the constitution of the construction file. It will quickly  reach the ambitious goal of the end of the shell in September, the mistresses are impatient!



Primary School Tchoré

Primaire Tchurri

Primaire Tchurri 2

College student, high school student, teacher
During our visit today to the friendly private school of Tchoré, a district of Sagbadaï, we found Tchambagou, the best student of 2015, who received the SPESS scholarship during his 3 years of high school at Lybama High School.
After his baccalaureate success this year, he joined the Tchoré school where he now practices as a CE2 teacher.
A great example of success for this student whom we have supported, and who in turn teaches future high school students, for the greater good of the community! And to see the smile of his students, everything seems to be going well for him ....

Primary School Tchakpaladé

Primaire Tchakpalade 1

Primaire Tchakpalade 2

Primary School of Tchakpaladé ...
Another visit of the day in this small school located a few kilometers from Sokode, and mainly frequented by settled Fulani. About 150 students, including 40 in the newly created Kindergarten, to avoid the disappearance of the "big boys" of the primary school, who were responsible for keeping their little brothers and sisters at home when the parents were in the field ...
We have already intervened on the modest building that houses the 2 classes of CP, but a bush fire significantly damaged the roof and the frame that SPESS had replaced a little more than 2 years ago. Both classes are no more waterproof and so we make the commitment to intervene once again, in front of this disaster!


Primary School Tabalo

primaire tabalo primaire tabalo2

New roof for the school of Tabalo ...
During our last stay in Togo last November, Taïrou took us to visit the small village of Tabalo, twenty kilometers from Sagbadai, in the middle of nowhere.
We found a school, lost in the middle of the forest, and met teachers and parents who wanted to give their children an education. We were touched by their welcome and their humility, and promised them help to consolidate their school.
This is done with the repair of the roof of one of the buildings. The children send us a big thank you, it's our turn to thank them!


Primary School Tchoré

Primary school of Tchoré ...
We often passed by this other (private) primary school in Sagbadai and promised to visit the children with some toys.It was done at the end of last week: we were once again impressed by the kindness of the students and the welcome of the Director and parents.Photos with everyone and the gift giving ...



Ecole Tchoré 1 Ecole Tchoré 2













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Our educational ambitions

Education is obviously fundamental to the development and future of a country.
Enrollment of students is very uneven and many rural children are not in school due to lack of resources or because of the travelling distance.
Improving infrastructure is a priority that the Association has implemented at Sagbadaï constructing a solid building housing three primary classes. This was finally finished in 2014 and can hold 150 children.
The next step was the reconstruction of the college which was non-existant and one of the reasons why only 50 children out of 350 went on to further education after 11 years old. This has now been acheived, with the help of an American organisation named Peace Corp. The building was inaugurated in May 2014 and can hold 160 children.

Nos objectifs SPESS


The SPESS was founded in 2008 in Brittany as a non profit making association to support the disadvantaged and the poor in Togo.
The original idea was to develop a farm and traditional cultures in the small village of Sagbadaï, located 300 kilometers north of the capital Lome in the province of Sokode.

We then focused more on the questions of education and health. In 2012 we started the project of building a solid school building (for primary classes) in order to allow children to be educated in decent conditions. In 2014, we built the college buildings to enable a better continuity between primary and secondary education as many primary-schooled children drop out due to a lack of facilities and finance.

Health is also a main priority and it is imperative to improve the existing local infrastructure to allow access to care for the poor. One of our main projects is to renovate the old and dilapidated dispensary in Sagabadaï. They have no running water, no electricity and no real equipment.