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The Desks for Bouzalo

Les tables et bancs pour Bouzalo

Desks for Bouzalo ...
It was our last promise for the new college in Bouzalo, after the doors were installed 2 weeks ago.
About twenty tables and benches have just been delivered to the college community. Lots of people at the arrival of the delivery truck: the Director, the teachers and the students will be able to settle in better conditions, following the significant increase in middle school students since the re-construction of the permanent college!
Great news for education in Bouzalo ...
And a big thank you to Taïrou for this timely action!


The doors for the college of Bouzalo

Les portes pour CEG Bouzalo

College of Bouzalo ...
Installation of doors for the 4 classes of the college of Bouzalo. A SPESS initiative to protect the furniture and equipment of teachers.
To come, around twenty new benches for a better reception of new college students. More work for our carpenter Tchédré!


School of Bouzalo

College Bouzalou College Bouzalou 1

College of Bouzalo, end of work ...
Started at the end of January, the construction of the walls, as well as the concrete on the ground, is finished.
College students joined their new classes in March.
This is a huge improvement for students and teachers who have left without regret the old wooden and straw shelters!
Thank you to our donors and congratulations to Taïrou, Vincent and the masons who worked quickly not to disturb the courses.
Next step next year for paintings, fixtures and additional furniture.


Work at the college of Bouzalo

College Bouzalo 2

Much activity at the college of Bouzalo ... One of our priority projects for 2019 is underway in the neighboring village of Bouzalo, after the roof we had financed last year, it is now the walls, the claustras, and the floor that masons attack during the weekends, so as not to disturb the courses in the week. Great progress for the community and teachers. And thanks to Taïrou and Vincent for launching and monitoring the project


Class of College Sagbadaï

Classe du collge

The perverse effect of schooling in college ...
Two types of professors at the college: State professors, paid by the State, and "voluntary" teachers, paid (very badly) by the parents' contributions. Depending on the endowments of the State, the proportion of voluntary teachers can be important ...
This contribution is called "ecolage" and represents a burden for some parents, who may question the continuation of studies of their children.
We are sadly aware this year of the drop in the number of middle school students in some institutions, after a sharp increase in the past years following the provision of decent infrastructure.
Education for all requires the provision of teachers for all!


Excitement at the school of Bouzalo

 College Bouzalo  College Bouzalo-2 College Bouzalo-3

The students of Bouzalo share their joy and gratitude with you. Their partially renovated school with the help of SPESS will considerably change their schooling. No more precarious conditions that made them dependent on climatic conditions!



School at Bouzalo

College Bouzalo 1      College Bouzalo 3     College Bouzalo 2

10 kilometers from Sagbadai is Bouzalo. SPESS is expanding its zone of influence and is building a real college there. As we can see the work is progressing well and we will be happy to see it during our visit in November.


The new equipment for the secondary school

New desks New desks 1

All pupils were assembled today around the Director and the teachers for the delivery of the tables, benches, desks and cabinets for the four classrooms of the new college. Thanks to all donators of SPESS for having made this a reality, and good luck to the pupils for the new school year which gets off to a good start !

The new desks for the college

Les nouveaux bureaux Nouveaux bureaux

We are pleased to present the new desks. Nearly 200 pupils have their re-entry this year! So we  have had to invest in new desks to deal with these new arrivals as we can not for the moment enlarge the college!

The progress of the College

Just a few words and photos to show you the progress of the college. Firstly the photos of the college 3 years ago. There were 30 students in delapidated buildings with no hope.

Old College 1 Old College 2

Today the new college financed by the SPESS, Peacecorps in America and the people from the village. This month 180 students will start the new year!!

Nouveau College Nouveau College 2


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Education au Togo


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Our educational ambitions

Education is obviously fundamental to the development and future of a country.
Enrollment of students is very uneven and many rural children are not in school due to lack of resources or because of the travelling distance.
Improving infrastructure is a priority that the Association has implemented at Sagbadaï constructing a solid building housing three primary classes. This was finally finished in 2014 and can hold 150 children.
The next step was the reconstruction of the college which was non-existant and one of the reasons why only 50 children out of 350 went on to further education after 11 years old. This has now been acheived, with the help of an American organisation named Peace Corp. The building was inaugurated in May 2014 and can hold 160 children.

Nos objectifs SPESS


The SPESS was founded in 2008 in Brittany as a non profit making association to support the disadvantaged and the poor in Togo.
The original idea was to develop a farm and traditional cultures in the small village of Sagbadaï, located 300 kilometers north of the capital Lome in the province of Sokode.

We then focused more on the questions of education and health. In 2012 we started the project of building a solid school building (for primary classes) in order to allow children to be educated in decent conditions. In 2014, we built the college buildings to enable a better continuity between primary and secondary education as many primary-schooled children drop out due to a lack of facilities and finance.

Health is also a main priority and it is imperative to improve the existing local infrastructure to allow access to care for the poor. One of our main projects is to renovate the old and dilapidated dispensary in Sagabadaï. They have no running water, no electricity and no real equipment.