Health aid

28th Apr 2016 dispensary sagbadai

We would like to thank the optical specialist Saillour for the generous donation of reading glasses as well as the pharmacy of Leon for the abundant supply of medical products supplied to the clinic of Sagbadei and the hospital of Sokodé (which is the second biggest city Togo... This shows the ne…

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Thank you to the schools

28th Apr 2016 france school

New Midewife at Sagbadai

9th Apr 2016 dispensary sagbadai

Good news No 3: a midwife has been assigned to the clinic at Sagbadaï at the beginning of April, after 6 months of vacancy! Thank you to the Prefectural Board of Health who held their promise, the nurse and all our friends Spess in Togo for their efforts in favor of this appointment, which should…

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Books for the Secondary School

9th Apr 2016 secondary school sagbadai

Good news No 2: massive purchases of textbooks for secondary school students and their teachers. It was the priority of the new Director of the school. The smiles of all is nice to see ...

New Roof for the Primary School

9th Apr 2016 primary school sagbadai

Good news No 1: the roof of a building of the primary school has been redone since we left! Schoolchildren and their teachers will be able to face the rainy season with confidence ...