Women's Association

22nd Jun 2022 dispensary children sagbadai

The women's association is now working on a project to improve the quality of the food for children of 6 months or more. There are 9 members in the association and they meet twice monthly. They are assisted by one of the staff from the dispensary. We have always been keen to get the association w…

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The fight against Malaria

20th Oct 2021 dispensary

[Flash from Facebook]

Covid and malaria: "I am vaccinated, I am protected".
As the world has struggled for more than 18 months to curb the Covid-19 pand…

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New beds for the dispensary at Sagbadaï

29th Apr 2019 dispensary

Among the works of the year, SPESS has included in its program the rehabilitation of beds and mattresses of the dispensary of Sagbadaï, materials that dated from the construction of the building!
It's done with the delivery of new mattresses this week. Thank you Taïrou for the moth…

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At the Dispensary

5th Dec 2018 dispensary sagbadai

The dispensary of Sagbadaï ...
After several courtesy visits to Nurse Ninikérégué and his team (midwife, midwife, pharmacist), yesterday we delivered the usual batch of SPESS t-shirts "I'm vaccinated, I'm protected", the beautiful clothes, hats and knitted slippers by the ladies of…

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Consultations in the village of Agbayo

15th Dec 2017 dispensary

It is not every day that we have the opportunity to participate in a medical expedition in the bush, under the leadership of the famous sister Mireille!
If the settlers at Agbayo do not come to the dispensary, it is the clinic that moves to the small village of Agbayo: and it is SPESS who d…

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