A Sister with high expectations

8th Dec 2016 dispensary sokodé

Tuesday 29 D + 15: A Sister with high expectations!!
We took the decision two years ago to extend the actions of SPESS outside of the village of Sagbadaï.
During our travels last March, we met Sister Mireille at the dispensary of Akamade, a few kilometers from our hotel. A dispensary run masterfully by this sympathetic midwife, a childhood friend of the Bouba, D.G. of our hotel...
We returned this year to bring medicines and clothes for babies and children, always appreciated when we come to the rescue of the many destitute families of the district.
Mireille insisted that a SPESS plate be attached to the wall of the clinic, in memory and in thanks of our actions. And when hanging the plate, it was herself who climbed on the desk for the photo, to the delight of the spectators ...!

Soeur Mireille

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