At the Dispensary

5th Dec 2018 dispensary sagbadai

Au dispensaire 1 Au dispensaire 2

The dispensary of Sagbadaï ...
After several courtesy visits to Nurse Ninikérégué and his team (midwife, midwife, pharmacist), yesterday we delivered the usual batch of SPESS t-shirts "I'm vaccinated, I'm protected", the beautiful clothes, hats and knitted slippers by the ladies of Soroptimist Poole, as well as a large bag of children's clothes, which will be distributed to the population by the village authorities.
We were happy to see everyone in good shape and re-launch the reflections on the 2019 projects and the urgent actions to be launched before the end of 2018 (purchases of small equipment, blood pressure monitor, thermometer, scale, etc.).
We noted with great pleasure that the clinic has been equipped for a few weeks with a solar fridge, provided by the health authorities of Togo, and that a new well and a device for pumping and storing water have been installed by an American NGO (Water Charity). A huge progress for the village, after the renovations of the clinic by SPESS in the past years ...

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