Consultations in the village of Agbayo

15th Dec 2017 dispensary

It is not every day that we have the opportunity to participate in a medical expedition in the bush, under the leadership of the famous sister Mireille!
If the settlers at Agbayo do not come to the dispensary, it is the clinic that moves to the small village of Agbayo: and it is SPESS who drives the old Toyota Celica loaned by DG Corneille to transport the clinic team on site, reinforced by Martine. The village is only 9 kilometers from the clinic, but it will take us 45 minutes of very difficult tracks to get there. And after 6 hours of nonstop consultations at school and dozens of vaccinations of babies under the mango tree, many villagers came forward for treatment or advice, before we returned to Sokodé just before dusk ...

Consultation Agbayo 1 Consultation Agbayo 2

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