No trip to Togo this year.

10th Nov 2020 togo sagbadai sokodé

November 12, 2019 - November 12, 2020 ...
A year ago to the day, we began our stay in Togo with our faithful friend Corneille, who has been hosting us for a dozen years "Chez Bouba".
Confined to Brittany, we cannot join our friends from Sokodé and Sagbadaï this year: Taïrou, Tchedré, Vincent, the Bouba team and the others. Even if the virus seems much less active in sunny Africa, it would not have been reasonable to travel in these conditions ...
Never mind, we are by heart and mind with them and we will make you live virtually for 3 weeks the progress of our projects in Togo.
Friends and loyal supporters of SPESS, stay tuned, we still need you, there is no shortage of projects !!
Unfortunately our trip to Togo this year was canceled for reasons we know. We will reassess the situation in 4 or 5 months to see if leaving is possible.

Despite this disappointment, we continue to work on the projects thanks to Whatsapp and the projects are progressing well. The following is a recap of our actions this year and our plans for next year.

2020 projects

1. Primary of Nawaro. The foundations are done and they are putting up the walls. The goal is to open the building for the school entrance September 2021

2. Kindergarten for Sagbadai finished

3. Dispensary. The concrete bins are made to allow sanitary waste to be properly stored.

4. The building for the teachers of the college has started and will be completed in a few weeks.

5 The 4 scholarship holders are working well and we will have 6 in 2021.

6. We delivered the tables and benches to the college in Bouzalo. We also installed the doors.

7. We created the football field with real goals and nets.

8. We have considerably reinforced the Lybama Lycée buildings and put cement on the floor in 4 classrooms.

9. Cashew trees continue to grow and we had our first harvest this year. It was not a big harvest but it is a start.

10. The women's association has had great success with their soap making.

dispensaire Primaire Naworo

The photos are the dispensary and primary of Naworo

2021 projects

1. Finish the walls and roof for the September 2021. Children can use Naworo primary school

2. Collège Bouzalo, painting and final finishing of the building.

3. Primary Sagbadai. Painting and reinforcement of the two old buildings.

4. Lybama High School. Improve existing buildings.

5. Health: Improve the dispensary in Sagbadai and help the dispensary and CHR in Sokodé.

6. Association of women. Progress with this project and increase the radius of action.

7. Add other sports to the soccer field. High and long jump, shot put, 100m track, etc.

8. Progress with the cashew farm.

9. Bring electricity from the grid to the community center and dispensary.

10 Increase highschool students to 6

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