Primary school in Naworo

19th Apr 2020 primary school

Primaire Naworo briquesPrimaire Naworo briques2

Nouveau primaire Naworo

Naworo, a village at the end of the world.
Imagine a village of a few hundred inhabitants, at the end of a barely passable road, which can be reached after an hour by jeep! We are only a dozen kilometers on the other side of Sokodé, but no one has ever come to build a school there.
We were convinced by the kindness and the determination of the villagers, the project is launched with the 2020 objective of building the structure and the roof of the future primary school with 3 classes, which will replace the 2 existing huts in the next school year. The brick making is almost finished, before the rainy season which will prevent the passage of trucks on the track!
Thank you to Taïrou and Vincent for making us discover this village in the middle of nowhere.

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