Sister Mireille

14th Dec 2017 dispensary

Sister Mireille Logovi, 25 years of service to others ...
We met at the beginning of last year with Sister Mireille, midwife in charge of the dispensary of Akamadé, a district of Sokodé. We again met Mireille with great pleasure this year: we gave her some medicines from SPESS, baby and child clothes, T-shirts "I'm vaccinated, I'm protected", some instruments for minor surgery, and a budget to fund weighing equipment for babies and moms.
In 2017, it's been 25 years since Mireille made her Sister's vows, and our visit to Togo coincided with the anniversary ceremony: it was in Togolese dress that the SPESS team took part in this joyous, musical and happy affair!

DanceBandSoeur Mireille

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