The dispensary at Sagbadaï

30th Mar 2015 dispensary

Priority 2015: the dispensary and Health ... After years of our interventions more devoted to education, we decided, in agreement with our members to focus our efforts on health, particularly for the benefit of the renovation of the small clinic in Sagbadaï. 600 clinic or USP (Device Care Unit) exist in Togo, animated by small medical teams under the supervision of a nurse. Very few specialists, who can be counted on the fingers of one hand (1 pediatrician and gynecologist for 630 000 in the Central region ...), a CHR and a small hospital in Sokode So most people go to the USP's for almost all care and prescriptions. In addition the concept of social security is virtually non existant, so we understand the interest to strengthen the quality of local institutions. The health of more than 3,500 inhabitants of Sagbadaï and surrounding villages depend on our actions

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After several meetings with the teams and the committee, the priorities were defined as follows:

- Renovation of water supply (connection to the well, submersible pump, generator, internal piping and valves)
- Summary Installation of electricity (some lighting points via generator). Note that the electrical connection to the national grid is announced to the village to the end of the year. Can we believe it as the elections are near!!
- Construction of outdoor showers for patients of the clinic and the adjoining nursing home.
- General refurbishing (cracks, ceiling, painting)
- Replacement of tiles in the hall and the delivery table.
- And of course providing basic drugs (painkillers, antibiotics, anti-inflammatories)

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