Sokodé High School is advancing well.

7th May 2022 highschool children sokode

Our latest project which is the addition of a new building at the Sokodé High School is progressing well as you can see from the picture. The aim is to have the building finished for the new school year in September 2022. It will have the two classes and be able to accommodate 180 school children…

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Sokode High School moving ahead

20th Apr 2022 highschool children

The new building for the high school at Sokodé is moving ahead. The plan is to have the walls up for the end of April.

Football at Sagbadaî

6th Feb 2022 Football children

Sport facilities at sagbadai
We are happy to see that the football ground is being put to good use in Sagbadaî.
You can see a short video on clicking here

New building for the Sokodé High School

28th Jan 2022 highschool children

Flagship project funded by SPESS for 2022, the construction of the new 2-class building for the Lybama high school in Sokodé (Bamabodolo district) has begun.
First step, making bricks (blocks) on the ground, with cement, sand and water. With a bag of cement of 50 kg, one manufactures 30 hol…

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