The children's football teams at Sagbadai.

10th Mar 2023 secondary football

"The children's football teams at Sagbadai. You can notice that it is still very difficult to have any grass!!!"

Football and Computer studies

8th Nov 2021 football children sagbadai

Back-to-school activities in Sagbadaï.
The pandemic is not quite behind us, but we are starting to resume normal life in the village.
The young people were happy to find the new football field by the college.
Messi, Neymar and Mbappé, the young footballers of Sagbadaï invite you…

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Football Ground 2020

6th Mar 2020 sport football

Football field in activity!
A big cleaning activity at the new soccer field in Sagbadaï. The middle school students and young people worked hard to make the field practicable. The removal of the last stones that could injure the children and smooth out the bumps.
And the icin…

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A soccer ground for Sagbadaï

6th Dec 2018 sport football

A soccer field for Sagbadaï ...
Created at the initiative of 4 students at Brest University (Noémie, Marie, Yoann and Lucien), this project eagerly awaited by the young sportsmen and schoolboys of Sagbadaï, aims to build a small sports complex around a field football (sprint track, high jum…

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Sport Education

18th Mar 2016 sport football sokodé

SPESS Support Population Health Education Sport ... If education and health are the priorities of our Association, we also make interesting meetings in other areas. We went to the meeting of a football coach, who with extremely limited means, shoe string budget, forms young Togolese footballers (…

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