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News of Nadège

Nadege avant Nadege apres

News from Nadège ...
Those who follow our Togolese adventures, may remember little Nadège, whom we had met in 2016, in a house opposite Taïrou, and who suffered from very severe malnutrition (barely more than 5 kilos at 15 months ...).
With a very sick and destitute mother, her future was very bleak. Our Association had taken charge of her hospitalisation at the CHR of Sokodé, from where she had left recovered after several weeks of care, before leaving with her mother to another village.
Nadège and her mother have been in Sagbadaï for a few days, and went to the photographer Taïrou for a souvenir photo. Everything is fine !


New beds for the dispensary at Sagbadaï

nouveaux matelats matelats

Among the works of the year, SPESS has included in its program the rehabilitation of beds and mattresses of the dispensary of Sagbadaï, materials that dated from the construction of the building!
It's done with the delivery of new mattresses this week. Thank you Taïrou for the mothers who come to give birth and for the patients of the dispensary!


At the Dispensary

Au dispensaire 1 Au dispensaire 2

The dispensary of Sagbadaï ...
After several courtesy visits to Nurse Ninikérégué and his team (midwife, midwife, pharmacist), yesterday we delivered the usual batch of SPESS t-shirts "I'm vaccinated, I'm protected", the beautiful clothes, hats and knitted slippers by the ladies of Soroptimist Poole, as well as a large bag of children's clothes, which will be distributed to the population by the village authorities.
We were happy to see everyone in good shape and re-launch the reflections on the 2019 projects and the urgent actions to be launched before the end of 2018 (purchases of small equipment, blood pressure monitor, thermometer, scale, etc.).
We noted with great pleasure that the clinic has been equipped for a few weeks with a solar fridge, provided by the health authorities of Togo, and that a new well and a device for pumping and storing water have been installed by an American NGO (Water Charity). A huge progress for the village, after the renovations of the clinic by SPESS in the past years ...


Consultations in the village of Agbayo

It is not every day that we have the opportunity to participate in a medical expedition in the bush, under the leadership of the famous sister Mireille!
If the settlers at Agbayo do not come to the dispensary, it is the clinic that moves to the small village of Agbayo: and it is SPESS who drives the old Toyota Celica loaned by DG Corneille to transport the clinic team on site, reinforced by Martine. The village is only 9 kilometers from the clinic, but it will take us 45 minutes of very difficult tracks to get there. And after 6 hours of nonstop consultations at school and dozens of vaccinations of babies under the mango tree, many villagers came forward for treatment or advice, before we returned to Sokodé just before dusk ...

Consultation Agbayo 1 Consultation Agbayo 2


Day of vaccinations at Sagbadaï

Day of vaccinations in Sagbadai ...
Big day of consultations and vaccinations for babies in Sagbadaï.More than 75 mothers with their babies attended the clinic at the same time, and the entire staff, assisted by the Community Health Assistants and Martine, were just sufficient to organize the consultation and vaccinations.You have to know how to manage the waiting girls: first come, first served, moms and babies wait quietly, the moms ensure the feedings on demand.


 Vaccination SagbadaiVaccination Sagbadai2


Sister Mireille

Sister Mireille Logovi, 25 years of service to others ...
We met at the beginning of last year with Sister Mireille, midwife in charge of the dispensary of Akamadé, a district of Sokodé. We again met Mireille with great pleasure this year: we gave her some medicines from SPESS, baby and child clothes, T-shirts "I'm vaccinated, I'm protected", some instruments for minor surgery, and a budget to fund weighing equipment for babies and moms.
In 2017, it's been 25 years since Mireille made her Sister's vows, and our visit to Togo coincided with the anniversary ceremony: it was in Togolese dress that the SPESS team took part in this joyous, musical and happy affair!

DanceBandSoeur Mireille 


The team at the dispensary at Sagbadai

Here is the new team at the clinic. When we started 9 years ago the dispensary was closed. Now it is open permanently with 2 nurses, a midwife, a midwife help and the pharmacist. This is a tremendous step forward which we must be thankful for as the need was great.

Equipe dispensaire


News of Clinic

This clinic is essential because it serves not only Sagbadei but to all the surrounding villages. We continue to follow developments closely and we expect new beds shortly. We are also renovating the rest room which is used for women with their newborn as well as for the villagers following any small operation. As we have already said Sagbadei is really figure model village! But we do not forget the neighboring villages to which we are assessing their needs. Our actions will therefore decrease slightly in Sagbadei to increase them elsewhere.

3-USP Réfect Intérieur7-USP Eau du robinet

8-USP Eau du robi en salle de soins9-USP Tchateau deau


Health aid

We would like to thank the optical specialist Saillour for the generous donation of reading glasses as well as the pharmacy of Leon for the abundant supply of medical products supplied to the clinic of Sagbadei and the hospital of Sokodé (which is the second biggest city Togo... This shows the needs they have.)

Medicaments Lunettes


New Midewife at Sagbadai

Good news No 3: a midwife has been assigned to the clinic at Sagbadaï at the beginning of April, after 6 months of vacancy! Thank you to the Prefectural Board of Health who held their promise, the nurse and all our friends Spess in Togo for their efforts in favor of this appointment, which should bring much more serenity in the operation of the clinic and facilitate relations between the medical team and the mothers and their babies ...

Nouvelle sage femme

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Our health ambitions

The medical infrastructure is almost nonexistent in the village of Sagbadaï, and the distance from the city of Sokode (twenty kilometers) makes access extremely difficult when required by an emergency.
Our goal is to put into operation the local clinic and install an access to emergency care, particularly for children and expectant mothers.

Nos objectifs SPESS


The SPESS was founded in 2008 in Brittany as a non profit making association to support the disadvantaged and the poor in Togo.
The original idea was to develop a farm and traditional cultures in the small village of Sagbadaï, located 300 kilometers north of the capital Lome in the province of Sokode.

We then focused more on the questions of education and health. In 2012 we started the project of building a solid school building (for primary classes) in order to allow children to be educated in decent conditions. In 2014, we built the college buildings to enable a better continuity between primary and secondary education as many primary-schooled children drop out due to a lack of facilities and finance.

Health is also a main priority and it is imperative to improve the existing local infrastructure to allow access to care for the poor. One of our main projects is to renovate the old and dilapidated dispensary in Sagabadaï. They have no running water, no electricity and no real equipment.