Visit to the schools of St Agnes at Sibiril and St Therese at Plougoulm

20th Apr 2018 donators

Once again, I would like to say a big thank you to Saint Therese school in Plougoulm and Saint Agnès in Sibiril who, thanks to their sandwich operations, were able to contribute generously to support our actions in the village of Sagbadei. The interest and spontaneity of the children is …

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Primary School Tabalo

19th Apr 2018 primary sagbadai children

New roof for the school of Tabalo ...
During our last stay in Togo last November, Taïrou took us to visit the small village of Tabalo, twenty kilometers from Sagbadai, in the middle of nowhere.
We found a school, lost in the middle of the forest, and met teachers and parents …

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Community Center finished

12th Apr 2018 community center sagbadai

Reception of the Community Center ...
The magnificent SPESS Community Center has been completed and has just been delivered! Thank you to the builder Tchaa and his team for the good work and the deadlines respected.
Congratulations to Taïrou and the office SPESS Togo …

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