Primary School of Sagbadai

1st Dec 2020 primary school sagbadai

We are not with you at the end of the year, but as promised, we will be working in 2021 on the exterior renovation of the 2 main buildings of your school.
Thank you and congratulations to the teachers of the Sagbadaï primary school for your efforts for your 350 students. You know better tha…

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Lybama Highschool

1st Dec 2020 school sokodé highschool

Flash from Facebook

Lybama High School
This high school is located in a district north of Sokodé, near the Akamadé dispensary, and 2 kilometers from Bou…

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Our students of SPESS

11th Sep 2020 secondary school sagbadai


SPESS scholarships are for the best high school students in Sagbadaï!
School starts again for all Togolese students in 2 weeks. Our scholarship holders Sherifa, Panikawa, Latifa and Albert, future midwives, doctor and physics teacher, are the lucky beneficiaries of the SPESS schola…

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Primary school in Naworo

19th Apr 2020 primary school

Naworo, a village at the end of the world.
Imagine a village of a few hundred inhabitants, at the end of a barely passable road, which can be reached after an hour by jeep! We are only a dozen kilometers on the other side of Sokodé, but no one has ever come to build a school…

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High School Lybama at Sokodé

6th Mar 2020 school sokodé highschool

Lybée Lybama, the project is launched.
It is at this high school (LYcée BAMAbodolo) in Sokodé that the majority of middle school students from Sagbadaï (who have successfully completed the BEPC, and who can afford it) complete their secondary education and prepare for the bac.

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