Football at Sagbadaï

14th Jul 2023 sport

With the help of the University of Brest we have built a football field in Sagbadaï. Of course it is not up to the standards of Wembley but the younsters of Sagbadaï are delighted with it and the ground is used frequently.

Competition Golf at Carantec

2nd Sep 2020 france sport

Golf of Carantec. The SPESS golf competition was a big success.
Congratulations to the 81 golfers for their sporting participation and their generous donations to SPESS during this classic late-summer competition.
A big thank you also to the sports association and to the "Frie…

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Sports Field

27th Aug 2019 sport

Sports field, arrival of Bulldozer!
The search for a bulldozer to level the future Sagbadai sports field was a real challenge ...
After the clearing, cutting of trees, and recontruction of a house that was on part of the land, the bulldozer came back to smooth the ground.

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A soccer ground for Sagbadaï

6th Dec 2018 sport football

A soccer field for Sagbadaï ...
Created at the initiative of 4 students at Brest University (Noémie, Marie, Yoann and Lucien), this project eagerly awaited by the young sportsmen and schoolboys of Sagbadaï, aims to build a small sports complex around a field football (sprint track, high jum…

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Competition SPESS at Carantec Golf Club

24th Aug 2018 sport donators association

This August 15th our competition for the benefit of SPESS took place. 76 participants were at the rendezvous. We would like to thank them very warmly for their presence and their donations. The projects in Togo are not lacking in particular in the fields of school as well as healt…

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