Competition SPESS at Carantec Golf Club

24th Aug 2018 sport donators association

This August 15th our competition for the benefit of SPESS took place. 76 participants were at the rendezvous. We would like to thank them very warmly for their presence and their donations. The projects in Togo are not lacking in particular in the fields of school as well as healt…

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Cheque from St Joseph

25th Jun 2018 donators

I went back to St. Joseph School in Carantec to receive the check for our association. I was touched by all the drawings and comments they gave me for the association.

Primary school St Joseph at Carantec

31st May 2018 donators

It was with great pleasure that yesterday I went to St Joseph School in Carantec to share with the children the actions we are undertaking in Togo in the village of Sagbadai. I was very touched by the interest they showed and by all the questions they asked. Many thanks to the te…

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Visit to the schools of St Agnes at Sibiril and St Therese at Plougoulm

20th Apr 2018 donators

Once again, I would like to say a big thank you to Saint Therese school in Plougoulm and Saint Agnès in Sibiril who, thanks to their sandwich operations, were able to contribute generously to support our actions in the village of Sagbadei. The interest and spontaneity of the children is …

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Trophy of the bank Credit Agricole

5th Mar 2018 donators

Trophies of the local life 2018 ...
SPESS was awarded the 2nd prize at the Trophées de la vie locale, a trophy organized each year by the local bank of St Pol de Léon, and presented during the general meeting of the bank ast Friday evening. . Thank you to the jury for having disting…

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