A little bit of geography

1st Dec 2020 sagbadai sokodé

A little local geography ...
Some of you have asked for some geographical clarification on our area of intervention, between Sokodé where we are staying and the village of Sagbadaï, where we are carrying out a large part of our projects.
Herewith therefore 3 extracts from Googl…

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No trip to Togo this year.

10th Nov 2020 togo sagbadai sokodé

November 12, 2019 - November 12, 2020 ...
A year ago to the day, we began our stay in Togo with our faithful friend Corneille, who has been hosting us for a dozen years "Chez Bouba".
Confined to Brittany, we cannot join our friends from Sokodé and Sagbadaï this year: Taïrou, Tchedré, …

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Latest news from Togo

5th Apr 2020 sagbadai

Togo in confinement, but life goes on (in slow motion) ...
One month already since our last article, and life has changed a lot, in France as in Togo!
Sanitary containment measures have been in place in Togo for a few days: needless to say that the lives of our Togol…

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Women's Association

18th Feb 2020 association women sagbadai

Women's Association ...
Women are the essential pillars of entrepreneurship and trade in Africa, and it seemed important to us to encourage the creation of a women's association, with the aim of launching projects of general or economic interest.
Now it's been done for a few w…

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Information from Sagbadaï

14th Apr 2019 sagbadai

Some information from Sagbadaï

Our friends from Sagbadai were very proud to put the sign on the community center. Activities are organized, a film projected to the children, a meeting of the members of SPESS Togo, and our students who received the second part of t…

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