Voyage November 2016

18th Nov 2016 dispensary sagbadai

D + 3: I am vaccinated, I am protected ...
While Nigel and François are touring this morning on the 2 farms of SPESS with Taïrou (we will talk about it again), Martin ... ensures the monthly session of weighing and vaccination of the babies at the dispensary of Sagbadaï under the control of the " Nurse and with the pharmacist and the new midewife.
A real day in contact with mothers and their babies, during which our "I am vaccinated, I am protected" tee-shirts are available for babies who have reached the end of the compulsory and free vaccination cycle.
The medical team is convinced that this initiative will encourage mothers to come more regularly to the clinic, especially for the 2 immunization sessions of the fourth and ninth months of babies, and to promote them to those who are still hesitant to come, out of fear or ignorance.
A big thank you to all our donors who responded generously to the call of Martine ...


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