Information from Sagbadaï

14th Apr 2019 sagbadai

Some information from Sagbadaï

Our friends from Sagbadai were very proud to put the sign on the community center. Activities are organized, a film projected to the children, a meeting of the members of SPESS Togo, and our students who received the second part of t…

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Work at the college of Bouzalo

11th Feb 2019 secondary school

Much activity at the college of Bouzalo ... One of our priority projects for 2019 is underway in the neighboring village of Bouzalo, after the roof we had financed last year, it is now the walls, the claustras, and the floor that masons attack during the weekends, so as not to disturb the…

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The young girls moving ahead

7th Dec 2018 secondary school

The Sagbadai girls in power ...
As every year, we celebrate the winner of the SPESS scholarship, awarded to the college student who had the highest score in the BEPC 2018. Our laureate last year having withdrawn, there are 2 scholarships that we decided to this year ...

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New glasses for the teachers

7th Dec 2018 teachers

An ophthalmic consultation at the Community Center ...
Many of our Togolese friends, teachers in particular, suffer from vision problems. Not easy to get diagnosed here, let alone find glasses adapted to their view.
We regularly bring glasses in our luggage, mainly lou…

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Delivery of furniture for the Community Centre

7th Dec 2018 community center

Delivery of furniture at the Center ...
Great moment today at the Community Center with the delivery of furniture, tables, benches and chairs, following the order placed a dozen days ago
Amazing what you can get in a small truck, but everything has found its place, and…

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