Kindergarden latest

27th Aug 2019 children maternal sagbadai

Sagbadai kindergarten, the ripe are mounted ...
Here are the latest photos of the kindergarten, with its claustras and walls finished.
Next step: "roofing" (frame and roof), before finishing the walls and the floor.
To be continued...

Sports Field

27th Aug 2019 sport

Sports field, arrival of Bulldozer!
The search for a bulldozer to level the future Sagbadai sports field was a real challenge ...
After the clearing, cutting of trees, and recontruction of a house that was on part of the land, the bulldozer came back to smooth the ground.

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Reading Competition at Sagbadai

26th May 2019 children

Reading competition in Sagbadaï ...
A lot of people and passion at the Community Center a few days ago, for the organization of the great reading competition!
Young and old read in front of the jury, the school teachers, the village authorities and the crowd of supporters, an…

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Kindergarten at Sagbadaï

29th Apr 2019 maternal

Sagbadaï kindergarten ...
The sooner the children join the school, the better the school term.of
After major work for the primary school (new building and new roofs), and the construction of the new college, SPESS tackles the construction of a building of 2 classes to house t…

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School of Bouzalo

29th Apr 2019 secondary school

College of Bouzalo, end of work ...
Started at the end of January, the construction of the walls, as well as the concrete on the ground, is finished.
College students joined their new classes in March.
This is a huge improvement for students and teachers who have left w…

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