Open day at the dispensary of Akamade

5th Mar 2016 dispensary sagbadai

A very busy day for Martine at the open day at the dispensary of Akamade. The patients were invited to come to the dispensary for a free medical consultation.

On going work at the clinic

8th Jul 2015 dispensary

Here are some photos of the work at the clinic and as you can see it is going well.

Water and electricity.

Here villagers in action going up the water tower which is over the well. In the well is the water pump which is connected to the generator. Inside finally the electricity from…

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The work on the clinic

6th May 2015 dispensary

The work on the clinic in Sagbadai is advancing well as you can see by the photos. The refurbishment and sanitary are nearly finished. The electricity and supply of water should be finished in two weeks.

The dispensary at Sagbadaï

30th Mar 2015 dispensary

Priority 2015: the dispensary and Health ... After years of our interventions more devoted to education, we decided, in agreement with our members to focus our efforts on health, particularly for the benefit of the renovation of the small clinic in Sagbadaï. 600 …

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