High School finished at Sokode

27th Sep 2022 children school

Lybama High School, it was time!
The construction of the new 2-class building for the Lybama high school had started at top speed at the beginning of April after the bricks were made. In May, the walls were already up and the goal of finishing the work by the end of June was still achievabl…

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Back to school for the college of Sagbadai

27th Sep 2022 children school

Back to school in Togo...
Togolese students, middle and high school students resumed classes on Monday of this week, after a long period of vacation.
Good luck and good recovery to all, teachers, students and parents: we know how difficult the teaching conditions are, after 2 years of…

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Food for the young

29th Aug 2022 children

One of the big problems in countries like Togo is making sure that the young children get a certain type of food with added vitamins. Many of the children are under nourished and thus open to catch one of the many diseases that circulate in Africa.
We have now an association of women that h…

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The New Highschool is progressing.

29th Jul 2022 highschool children sokodé

We are progressing well with the new highschool building for Sokodé. The basic structure is now finished and the additional work is now in progress. For example the blackboards are being installed and the front porch is being finalised. We are still well on time for the opening of the new buildin…

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Women's Association

22nd Jun 2022 dispensary children sagbadai

The women's association is now working on a project to improve the quality of the food for children of 6 months or more. There are 9 members in the association and they meet twice monthly. They are assisted by one of the staff from the dispensary. We have always been keen to get the association w…

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