Project for the High School in Sokodé

1st Jun 2023 education

We have decided to continue rebuilding Lybama High School in Sokodé. In 2022 we built a new building to replace the baits. In 2023 we will build another building to replace an old building destroyed by a storm. It is a two-class building. You will find the information with the attached files.

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Report of our General Assembly SPESS 2022

31st Mar 2023 association

Rapport de l'Assemblée Générale SPESS 2022 suite à la presentation 25 mars 2023.

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General Assembly SPESS 2022

26th Mar 2023 association

Please find the presentation of our General Assembly for SPESS 2022

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The children's football teams at Sagbadai.

10th Mar 2023 secondary football

"The children's football teams at Sagbadai. You can notice that it is still very difficult to have any grass!!!"

Women's Association

9th Dec 2022 children

We have mentioned before the notion of an association for the women of the village. The Women's association was created a few years ago for various reasons. To give certain responsabilities to the female side, to ask them to be creative and to also aid the young population. They have tried variou…

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