Our sponsored pupils

3rd Dec 2021 highschool children sokodé

A little news of two of our sponsored pupils. The photos are of Albert Amanna who is in the final year and Tchassanti Zenidine who is in the first year of the high school. They are both doing well but would never have been able to go to the high school at Sokodé without the sponsorship.

Football and Computer studies

8th Nov 2021 football children sagbadai

Back-to-school activities in Sagbadaï.
The pandemic is not quite behind us, but we are starting to resume normal life in the village.
The young people were happy to find the new football field by the college.
Messi, Neymar and Mbappé, the young footballers of Sagbadaï invite you…

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The fight against Malaria

20th Oct 2021 dispensary

[Flash from Facebook]

Covid and malaria: "I am vaccinated, I am protected".
As the world has struggled for more than 18 months to curb the Covid-19 pand…

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High School à Lybama in Sokodé

21st Jun 2021 secondary sokodé school

A class destroyed by a storm at the secondary school of Lybama in Sokodé!! A future project for us to rebuild the class and maybe a bigger part of the school!!

Historical opening of the primary school at Naworo

21st Jun 2021 primary school

Flash from Facebook

Historic return to school in Naworo!
Back to school took place for everyone on S…

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