Football at Sagbadaî

6th Feb 2022 Football children

Sport facilities at sagbadai
We are happy to see that the football ground is being put to good use in Sagbadaî.
You can see a short video on clicking here

New building for the Sokodé High School

28th Jan 2022 highschool children

Flagship project funded by SPESS for 2022, the construction of the new 2-class building for the Lybama high school in Sokodé (Bamabodolo district) has begun.
First step, making bricks (blocks) on the ground, with cement, sand and water. With a bag of cement of 50 kg, one manufactures 30 hol…

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Primary school at Naworo

10th Jan 2022 primary children

Naworo Primary
We are happy to share with you some photos of our main project of 2021 the primary school of Nawaro.
The children were able to go back to their new school in September and these last holidays allowed the start of the second phase, putting on the doors and ciment on the …

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Finishing the work on the secondary school at Bouzalo

17th Dec 2021 secondary children

Secondary school of Bouzalo ...
Putting the final touches to the college built 3 years ago. It is a question of plastering and painting the walls. We want the work started by SPESS to be completely finished, the college students and their teachers must be proud of the result!
All this…

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Our sponsored pupils

3rd Dec 2021 highschool children sokodé

A little news of two of our sponsored pupils. The photos are of Albert Amanna who is in the final year and Tchassanti Zenidine who is in the first year of the high school. They are both doing well but would never have been able to go to the high school at Sokodé without the sponsorship.