Distribution clothes

10th Dec 2016 sagbadai

Friday 2 D + 18: Clothing (more ...)
Today we had a distribution session for the clothes we had collected from our friends and which had been stored for a few days at the dispensary. Our local partners invited the 8 heads of the disticts of Sagbadaï to participate in the sharing of clothes …

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Community Center

8th Dec 2016 sagbadai community center

Thursday 1st D + 17: Construction of the Community Center ...
When we arrived in Togo a fortnight ago, we hoped to find a more advanced building under construction, given the budget available. The organizational difficulties encountered by our partners have since been corrected and we have …

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Classes 2016-2017

Wednesday 30 D + 16: Photos of classes 2016-2017
Tradition launched since the last school year, the class photo of the primary school and the college of Sagbadaï has become unavoidable, and it is with pleasure that we organized this event this morning.
Children and grandchildren, incl…

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A Sister with high expectations

8th Dec 2016 dispensary sokodé

Tuesday 29 D + 15: A Sister with high expectations!!
We took the decision two years ago to extend the actions of SPESS outside of the village of Sagbadaï.
During our travels last March, we met Sister Mireille at the dispensary of Akamade, a few kilometers from our hotel. A dispensary …

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A class of 98 pupils

8th Dec 2016 school sokodé highschool

A class of 98 high school students ...
Visit today Lybama High School in Sokodé, where one of Sagbadai's scholarship students is studying.
Three buildings, two of them with sheet metal roofs and walls of palm, accommodate more than 650 pupils in 10 classes, from the second to the fina…

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