Sport Education

18th Mar 2016 sport football sokodé

SPESS Support Population Health Education Sport ... If education and health are the priorities of our Association, we also make interesting meetings in other areas. We went to the meeting of a football coach, who with extremely limited means, shoe string budget, forms young Togolese footballers (…

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Education Projects 2016

18th Mar 2016 primary school sagbadai

Education projects for 2016...
A working meeting took place at the collège, with the Chef, President Taïrou, the members of the Spess bureau, the directors and teachers of the primary and secondary schools, the representatives of the parents. Objective : to validate the 2016 projects, in li…

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Martine. Vaccination for the babies

Since our arrival, I have had the opportunity to participate in the vaccination of babies at the clinic of AKAMADE and also the clinic of SAGBADAI.

Lá vaccination of children is free in TOGO and key vaccines are completed when the child is 9 months.

Unfortunately, to get the mothers…

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Open day at the dispensary of Akamade

5th Mar 2016 dispensary sagbadai

A very busy day for Martine at the open day at the dispensary of Akamade. The patients were invited to come to the dispensary for a free medical consultation.