Secondary school of Bouzalo

22nd Nov 2016 secondary school bouzalo

Monday 21 D + 7: Textbooks for the school of Bouzalo ...
Although our SPESS association works mainly with the village of Sagbadaï, we have decided to expand our field of action and allocate a budget for actions on the surrounding region thus we renovated the roof of the small primary school…

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Community Work

20th Nov 2016 sagbadai community center

Saturday 19 D + 5: Community work ...
One of the major projects of SPESS for 2016, which will also occupy the next two years, is the construction of ... A Community Center. This building will be the meeting point of the social and cultural life of the village, with a meeting room and televi…

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The New Farm of the anacardier trees

20th Nov 2016 cereal fruit

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The new farm

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Voyage November 2016

18th Nov 2016 dispensary sagbadai

D + 3: I am vaccinated, I am protected ...
While Nigel and François are touring this morning on the 2 farms of SPESS with Taïrou (we will talk about it again), Martin ... ensures the monthly session of weighing and vaccination of the babies at the dispensary of Sagbadaï under the control of…

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