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Autumn Mission 2016

Our friends

Saturday 3 D + 19: Last day in Sagbadaï ...
After 3 full weeks, it is time to say goodbye to our friends in Sagbadaï and Sokodé, with whom we had a great time: The SPESS Committee in Togo, Tchedré the teacher, the village leader who defends our projects , President Taïrou and his family with whom we shared some meals under the mango tree, the family of Moses with whom yesterday we inaugurated the new house on the farm, the teachers and pupils of the school and the college, Aniki and Philomena at the dispensary, without forgetting the famous Bouba Team. Speech and football match between college students to close our stay. See you soon for new adventures!

Nos amis


Distribution clothes

Friday 2 D + 18: Clothing (more ...)
Today we had a distribution session for the clothes we had collected from our friends and which had been stored for a few days at the dispensary. Our local partners invited the 8 heads of the disticts of Sagbadaï to participate in the sharing of clothes and shoes.
Everything went perfectly, we attended an efficient exercise of solidarity and fairness, and everyone left with a lot of clothes, which will be re-distributed to the most needy of villagers of each neighborhood.
Thank you to Taïrou and the Head of the village for the organization of this morning ...

Vetements Sagbadai



Community Center

Thursday 1st D + 17: Construction of the Community Center ...
When we arrived in Togo a fortnight ago, we hoped to find a more advanced building under construction, given the budget available. The organizational difficulties encountered by our partners have since been corrected and we have re-launched the project in order to consolidate the objective: a building finished in November 2017, in such a way that we may concentrate on domestic equipment in the final year of the project, as planned.
We have designed a complete set of plans with a local partner in order to restart construction with the contractor as soon as possible and facilitate exchanges between project partners. A big thanks to Vincent de Granite Construction for his help ...

Centre Communautaire


Classes 2016-2017

Wednesday 30 D + 16: Photos of classes 2016-2017
Tradition launched since the last school year, the class photo of the primary school and the college of Sagbadaï has become unavoidable, and it is with pleasure that we organized this event this morning.
Children and grandchildren, including teachers, love the exercise, done in the old fashion, with the slate held by a pupil!
No problem of discipline during the session, nobody moves, but not easy to make the children smile.

Primaire SagbadaiClasse college Sagbadai


A Sister with high expectations

Tuesday 29 D + 15: A Sister with high expectations!!
We took the decision two years ago to extend the actions of SPESS outside of the village of Sagbadaï.
During our travels last March, we met Sister Mireille at the dispensary of Akamade, a few kilometers from our hotel. A dispensary run masterfully by this sympathetic midwife, a childhood friend of the Bouba, D.G. of our hotel...
We returned this year to bring medicines and clothes for babies and children, always appreciated when we come to the rescue of the many destitute families of the district.
Mireille insisted that a SPESS plate be attached to the wall of the clinic, in memory and in thanks of our actions. And when hanging the plate, it was herself who climbed on the desk for the photo, to the delight of the spectators ...!

Soeur Mireille



A class of 98 pupils

Monday 28 D + 14: A class of 98 high school students ...
Visit today Lybama High School in Sokodé, where one of Sagbadai's scholarship students is studying.
Three buildings, two of them with sheet metal roofs and walls of palm, accommodate more than 650 pupils in 10 classes, from the second to the final. Nice welcome by the professors and students, in a well-run high school, where discipline seems to reign. We were able to greet many pupils and teachers, especially those of the second A4: 98 high school students listen attentively to their professor Jean-François. Sitting at 3 by bench, no question of chatting or dissipating if one wants to take notes. Without textbooks, as often in Togo, optimism and joie de vivre are nevertheless pleasing to see.
We will try to help ...

classe de 98 eleves


Clothes and glasses

Sunday 27 D + 13: Clothes and glasses ...
Before our departure, many friends and sympathizers entrusted us with clothes for babies, children or adults.
We handed over some of the babies' and children's clothes to Agnim, the "nutrition" nurse at the CHR de Sokodé, and to Sister Mireille at the Akamade dispensary. The rest of the clothes was given by the SPESS Committee to the heads of districts of Sagbadaï, informing them to distribute to the most deprived families.
We also donated a large number of spectacles and sunglasses to the dispensary: ​​an ophthalmologist will be asked by the nurse to come and provide a day of consultations at the clinic in Sagbadaï, and the glasses will be affected according to the corrections. Many thanks to the optician Pierre Quéguiner for this donation.
And thank you to Chantal and her children, Maria, Charlène, Blanche, Marie-Thérèse and all the others for the many clothes ...




The Sponsorships

Saturday 26 D + 12: Two SPESS scholarships for high school ...
We inaugurated a principle last year: to award a scholarship to the best pupil at the end of the third class, in order to encourage the continuation of studies in high school. This annual scholarship will cover the costs of enrollment and accommodation/food, during the 3 years of upper secondary school.
This year, the scholarship was awarded to two students during a small ceremony at Sagbadaï College in the presence of the parents of the pupils and of the SPESS Togo Committee:
- Tchambagou, best college student in 2015, who had joined Lybama Lyceum of Sokodé last year and who has just passed successfully in first literary.
- Moussoulia, best college student 2016, who will continue her studies at the vocational high school.
Good luck to these two students, we will follow their results closely!

Les bourses Les bourses 1



The committee SPESS Toogo

Friday 25 D + 11: The SPESS Committee Togo ...
Important meeting this Friday with our Togolese partners, for a detailed assessment of the 2016 actions in the village of Sagbadaï.
Many satisfactions but some projects must be relaunched before the end of this exercise. For greater efficiency, we confirmed the roles and responsibilities of a local committee with President Taïrou, nurse Aniki, teacher Tchédré and the head of the village.
We also took advantage of our visit to set up better communication between Sagbadaï and Brittany, in order to benefit more regularly from information and photos ...

Comite spess togo


Kinder Garden

Thursday 24 D + 10: Visit to the kindergarten ...
The construction by SPESS of a building at the primary school of Sagbadaï made possible 2 years ago the creation of 2 classes of kindergarten, which welcomes this year 61 toddlers. The three teachers in charge had sensitized us last March on the deficit in educational tools and furniture adapted to small children, and we had promised to look at the problem.
We then went to meet mistresses and their adorable pupils with books, pencils, balls, little gifts and toys that our friends had entrusted to us (thank you Aloïse, Chantal, Charlène and others ...).
The welcome was great: it is always a treat to listen to these children who welcome us with their laughs and songs. Their joie de vivre is well worth the trip, but we have to do more ...

Jardin denfantJardin denfants