Primary School Tchakpaladé

6th Dec 2018 primary school children

Primary School of Tchakpaladé ...
Another visit of the day in this small school located a few kilometers from Sokode, and mainly frequented by settled Fulani. About 150 students, including 40 in the newly created Kindergarten, to avoid the disappearance of the "big boys" of …

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Class of College Sagbadaï

The perverse effect of schooling in college ...
Two types of professors at the college: State professors, paid by the State, and "voluntary" teachers, paid (very badly) by the parents' contributions. Depending on the endowments of the State, the proportion of voluntary teachers can …

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The latest news from Sagbadaî

19th Sep 2018 school sagbadai children

Here is some news from Sagbadai.
1 Work to build a college in Bouzalo is progressing well. Before it was a very precarious construction.
2. Our student has passed his Bac. We are thinking about the possibilites of him continuing his studies.
3. A large audience of ch…

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Primary School Tabalo

19th Apr 2018 primary sagbadai children

New roof for the school of Tabalo ...
During our last stay in Togo last November, Taïrou took us to visit the small village of Tabalo, twenty kilometers from Sagbadai, in the middle of nowhere.
We found a school, lost in the middle of the forest, and met teachers and parents …

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Classes 2016-2017

Wednesday 30 D + 16: Photos of classes 2016-2017
Tradition launched since the last school year, the class photo of the primary school and the college of Sagbadaï has become unavoidable, and it is with pleasure that we organized this event this morning.
Children and grandchildren, incl…

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