The Sponsorships

7th Dec 2016 school children secondary

Saturday 26 D + 12: Two SPESS scholarships for high school ...
We inaugurated a principle last year: to award a scholarship to the best pupil at the end of the third class, in order to encourage the continuation of studies in high school. This annual scholarship will cover the costs of enro…

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Nadège is saved

21st Sep 2016 children

Nadège is saved!
During our last stay in Sagbadaï, we discovered a little girl of 15 months, with acute malnutrition (5.2 kilos ...).
On our initiative and after discussion with the health center nurse and mother, who was without resource, it was agreed to send Nadège to the hospital …

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Martine. Vaccination for the babies

Since our arrival, I have had the opportunity to participate in the vaccination of babies at the clinic of AKAMADE and also the clinic of SAGBADAI.

Lá vaccination of children is free in TOGO and key vaccines are completed when the child is 9 months.

Unfortunately, to get the mothers…

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